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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Creamy Fruit Salad

I'm almost embarrassed to post this. Almost but not quite. It's SOOOO easy but SOOOO good! I made this for christmas dinner and got rave reviews all around. I used canned fruit..and a few blackberries I found in my freezer... because that's what I had...and I'm not a big canned fruit girl....so I can only imagine what this would be like using all fresh fruit. And you can use any kind of fruit...get creative! Just think what lots fresh berries would taste like in this! But...I'm a BIG fan of berries and anything resembling cream so that would work just fine for me! Kids will love this! It doesn't make a ton so it's nice for a small family dinner but it can be easily doubled!! Give it a try! 

Creamy Fruit Salad 

  • 3 pounds mixed fruits, cut into chunks

  • 1 package (3 ounces) vanilla or French vanilla pudding, not instant

  • 1 1/3 cups pineapple juice

  • 1 1/3 cups orange juice

Put chilled fruit into a large serving bowl and set aside. In a saucepan, combine pudding mix and juices. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture begins to thicken. Pour the sauce over the fruit and mix well. Refrigerate until chilled. 

(I didn't post a ton of pictures with this recipe because it's SO easy...and you guys are SMART!) 

Here's all you need... 
Here's all you need...

Make the pudding with the juice...no milk!! Pour the cooked pudding mixture over the fruit and stir. 
Make the pudding with the juice...no milk!! 
Pour the cooked pudding mixture over the fruit and stir.



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