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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I got this recipe from my wonderful mother-in-law a LONG time ago. I'm not sure where she first got it but she's been making it for years before she gave it to me. My kids always enjoyed having Gramma's Hot Chocolate when they were little. It was something they could eventually make for themselves and enjoy on a cold day. What I like about it, besides the fact that it tastes delicious...is that it's fun to give as a gift. It makes a lot so it's something that goes a long way. I used to make it when it started getting cold outside and I'd keep it in a large plastic container all winter so we'd have it ready to go! And don't forget the marshmallows!

Gramma's Hot Chocolate

1 2-pound box dry milk
1 11-ounce container Coffeemate Creamer (the dry kind)
1 2-pound box Nestle Quick
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon of salt

Mix ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl. Store in a covered container.

To make a cup of hot chocolate:

Add 3 - 4 heaping spoonfuls per mug of warm milk. Serve with marshmallows and a peppermint stick!!

Here's what you need. This recipe 
can easily be doubled for a REALLY big batch.

Dump all the stuff into a large bowl.

Then mix it really well. I used a big spoon 
then a whisk to make sure it was all combined.

I put mine in these cute bags for gifts.

So fun!!