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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I love my little house. It has a little kitchen that has taken some getting used to but overall it's very functional. One thing I was unhappy with when we moved into this house was the size of the pantry. I've never seen anything so small. I actually had to turn sideways to get in and get anything!  So...the wheels started turning and I came up with a solution that would include a new pantry and an uncluttered cabinet for my pots and pans.

Take a look and see how we solved the problem of a small pantry and an unhappy cook!

So to get an idea of what I had, take a look at this tiny door.  It's ridiculous.
This now is the home of my cookware. 

This was an unused coat closet on the other side of the kitchen.
Perfect pantry size!

We had to reroute some plumbing in the closet. 
Taking off the drywall on the kitchen side of the closet
The hole is complete....ready to put in the pantry!
Sliding in the pre-built pantry. Perfect fit!
All done!

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  1. Super cute! I love pantries. My blog doesn't really have a purpose or a following. I just write it to keep my friends/family updated on our life :)