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Sunday, September 12, 2010


One of the things I love is dishes. I have lots. And lots. I enjoy having enough dishes that I can create different looks for different parties. I don't buy expensive dishes....a lot of them I get at TJMaxx and stores like that. I collect over a period of time until I think I have all I need or a store doesn't carry them anymore. One of my favorites that I've found over the years are these cute little yellow numbers. They are called "Cabbage Leaf" and they are made by a company in Portugal called Bordallo Pinero. I just love them. If you look hard enough you can find these in green....pink...purple....a pretty lime green color. Fun stuff!  I decided to stick with all yellow because it's so versatile. When my nephew got married,  the wedding colors were yellow and black. When I did his fiance's bridal luncheon....all I had to get were a couple of inexpensive black tablecloths and we had ourselves a party! I use them at thanksgiving, too. Love them. Love.

Here's my stash......

And here's my table all set with a yellow, gray and black theme. Ain't it purdy?


  1. Yes, it is very purdy.....Val, I used to think someday I would have lots of dishes; sets for each season, each holiday and so forth. Haven't got them but I still dream of doing that. So, it is very fun to see your tablescapes with your pretty dishes......keep up the fun posts.

  2. Thanks Norma. This blog isn't up and running for all to see yet....but I'm glad you're peeking at from time to time. I still have some things I want changed but my IT guy (Jon) needs to do it for me.