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Monday, April 4, 2011

These dishes are near and dear to my heart. I guess this set could be referred to as my "wedding china" although it's not really china at all. But it really doesn't matter. I didn't even pick these out. But it doesn't matter. They didn't come from a fancy store. But it doesn't matter. It's not even a complete set. But that doesn't matter, either. What matters is that they were given to me out of love. Before IT Guy and I married, he sold Cutco knives. Anyone have Cutco knives? My husband's mother...being the wonderful mom she was/is...bought some knives from her son. I think she bought all she could and that purchase entitled IT Guy to qualify for a bonus. And one of the choices was dishes. Instead of getting something for herself, my MIL got these dishes and gave them me. I've used them so many times over the years. For our first anniversary dinner, IT Guy and I used these. I've used them for holiday dinners and open houses. They are one of my most treasured things. But not nearly as treasured as the people who made it possible for me to have them.


The pink tablecloth was a gift from my SIL. The goblet and napkin belonged to my mother. The flatware was a company gift IT Guy received after 10 years of service. The dishes are marked "Kenmark" with no pattern name. They are almost identical to Noritake's "Pasadena" design.


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