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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time for another place setting!

This one has lots of meaning for me. The dishes are so neat. They are from the Vernon Kilns Pottery Company. The name is "1860". Each piece...dinner plate, dessert plate, bowls, cups, saucers, etc....has a different scene on it that depicts an image from the Civil War era. I guess some would consider this transferware...and maybe it is. Regardless of what it's called, I love it! I use it every Thanksgiving because I love the brown tones and all the scenes. One thing that makes it extra special for me is the joint effort it took IT Guy and me to find these. I found a cup and saucer in an antique store about 12 years ago and slowly built up my set to what it is today. IT Guy and I would scour antique stores and the internet until I was satisfied I had enough. He's good that way. He's always willing to help me out with my obsessions. I guess some would call him an enabler. I just call him a good sport to entertain my whims. The napkin is special to me. That is one of four that belonged to my mother. I think she got a small tablecloth and 4 napkins as a wedding gift and a few years after I got married she gave them to me. And the little goblet? Back in the 60's my mom saved S&H Green Stamps (remember those?) and got a set of goblets and some fruit cups that matched. I've had them for years, as well and drag them out from time to time. I love the sentimentality of all of it.
For Vicki (you know who you are): an ironed tablecloth.


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