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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Rootin' 'round in my cupboards.....

I have lots of dishes. I love dishes. If there's one thing you need if you're going to entertain, it's dishes. And I like to have options. There are several cabinets that IT Guy set up for me in our garage that hold all of my entertaining supplies. Dishes, glasses, assorted serving pieces..all kinds of stuff. Plus I have a few sets of dishes in the house as well. A pretty set on display then of course our every day stuff. Now mind you...none of my things are fancy-schmancy. I find things on clearance, collect them over a period of time or find them at stores like HomeGoods. Or Walmart. I'm not picky that way. If I like it, I get it no matter where it comes from. I thought a fun thing to do on here would be to show you some of my dishes. I'll feature a set every once in a while until I run out of dishes. For my first offering, I've created a place setting of one of my absolute favorite sets. This magnolia set on black. I found it at Dillards years ago and then more recently found some accompanying pieces on clearance. It's called "Magnolia Charm" and it's made by Artimino. I don't think they make it anymore but I'm always on the hunt for it on the internet....just in case of a dish emergency.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Oddly enough, I was thinking about you and your magnolias this morning!

  2. I loved all your dish cabinets you had in Folsom!!! Jealous!!!!! in a good way. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful dishes.