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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So my "Cookie of the Day" project is done! Although I started baking cookies and taking pictures back in September, it was still a process and something I had to keep up every day. Was it fun, you ask? YES! But now...it's time to move on!

Christmas is coming FAST! I got IT Guy to haul the tree out of the attic (yes...I'm one of THOSE kind of people who goes with the store-bought-artificial-doesn't-smell-like-christmas-unless-you-go-cut-down-your-own tree tree) and yesterday I sorted through my menagerie of bins for the ornaments that I wanted and I got the tree DONE! This year I went with a brown/gold/green peacock theme. (Yes...I am THAT kind of person, too...the kind that doesn't put out the homemade, handcrafted ornaments that my kids made in school. Don't judge..I have them stored safely away...I just choose to have a tree on the more "adult" side.) I'll post a picture so you can see..although my camera isn't hi-tech...despite being married to a techie...but you'll get the idea. I'm pretty much in love with it.

I'm having an open house for the holidays...and also a treat exchange. Should be interesting...and fun. More baking! Good thing I have lots of cookies in my freezer from a certain project!

Our family decided to cut back spending on Christmas gifts this year so we drew names. I'm excited about that. I've already sent FB messages to the whole family with my "wish-list" attached and I encouraged everyone else to do the same!

Picture of the tree!


  1. Beautiful......have you gotten your dining table dressed for Christmas yet? Love seeing your pictures.

  2. No, Norma...the table's not set yet. I'm having a holiday open house on the 17th so will take pictures of the table set for that first....