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Saturday, October 16, 2010

So last night was one of those nights where I was drawing a blank for dinner. Nothing sounded good....really wasn't in the mood to be creative....basically I just didn't want to cook. I know, how unlike me, huh? Anyway....I needed to go to the grocery store for unrelated grocery items so my IT guy and I went on a very exciting date to Walmart. Little did I know when I walked into that store, that I would find something that would make my IT guy so incredibly happy....and therefore make ME happy. It was green....it came in a can....and it's something that we can't find a decent variety of here in the south. But no more!!! As I was reaching for my normal brand of this item...I spied another brand. A new brand. A brand sent from heaven above. None other than whole Hatch Green Chilies!! Some of you may scoff...some of you may think I'm a green chili snob...and maybe I am...but until you've lived somewhere that doesn't sell a favorite item of yours....don't judge!! This is a find of gastronomic proportions! I snagged a can...thinking I'd get just one...just in case they weren't any good (oh ye of little faith). But when my IT guy saw the one can in my cart...he made a bee-line over to the international food aisle and grabbed another one. We smiled all the way out the store...all the way home..all the while planning on using these little lovelies for our dinner...which I was all of a sudden very excited about. But would they live up to our expectations? Can I just say? Yes. Yes, they did. And the nice thing about this "recipe" is you can make them for one person or for a crowd. Please, please....if you are in any way a green chili fan...try this. You'll love it.

Chili Cheese Burritos

Flour tortillas – 12 inch
Whole green chilies
Sharp cheddar cheese slices

Place one flour tortilla on a paper plate. Place three pieces of sliced cheese (1x3 inches) on top of tortilla. Slice open one whole chili and remove seeds.Or leave them in if like to walk on the wild side. Place chili on top of the cheese slices and give it a GOOD dose of salt. Green chilies need salt!! Place in microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Roll flour tortilla burrito style and eat up!

This is all you need right here.
Fillet the green chili and remove the seeds. Or leave them in if that's how you roll.
Place the cheese on the tortilla.....
Add the chilies on top of the cheese. Make sure you have a good chili to cheese ratio. And don't forget the salt!!!
Roll up burrito style......
....and eat up!

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  1. What a great idea, I will be trying these. I like the one person recipes.